KYOCHON, Participating In '2023 New York Franchise Fair'... Enhance Global Competitiveness
KYOCHON, Participating In '2023 New York Franchise Fair'... Enhance Global Competitiveness
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KYOCHON F&B, operating KYOCHON Chicken, announced on the 31st that it would participate in the '2023 New York Franchise Fair'.

KYOCHON put forward four keywords as its key growth engines at the beginning of this year: G (Global), S (Sauce), E (Eco), and P (Platform). Participation in this fair will participate in the '2023 New York Franchise Fair' to expand global brand influence in the US market, a battleground in the global (G) market.

During this expo, KYOCHON will set up a food section in the booth of the Korean Pavilion to promote the brand and products. At the main entrance, there is a food truck where attendance can sample KYOCHON's signature menu Honey and Red series, for free.

KYOCHON 'Honey and Red Series'
KYOCHON 'Honey and Red Series'

KYOCHON will provide 'Tasting Tickets' for 1,000 people daily to prep entrepreneurs who received counseling at the fairgrounds, providing a tasting experience.

The New York Franchise Expo is the largest international event in the United States, where various brands gather, such as the latest trends in dining, food, and health. This year, it will be held 3 days from June 1st to 3rd, with 164 franchise companies from 120 countries worldwide participating.

Through this expo, KYOCHON plans to promote the 'KYOCHON' brand in the United States and strengthen global franchise business competitiveness.

An official from KYOCHON F&B said, "We hope this expo will be an opportunity for global partners and customers to experience the taste of Korea's representative K-Chicken and the differentiated taste of Kyochon." At the same time as moving forward, we will further accelerate our efforts to strengthen our global competitiveness in the future."


The summary of this article in Korean is as follows.

■교촌치킨, ‘2023 뉴욕 프랜차이즈 박람회’ 참가…"美에 브랜드 안착"
교촌치킨을 운영하는 교촌에프앤비가 '2023 뉴욕 프랜차이즈 박람회'에 참여한다고 30일 밝혔다.

박람회 기간 동안 at한국관 부스 내 교촌관을 마련하며, 주 출입구에서는 허니 시리즈와 레드 시리즈를 무료 시식할 수 있는 푸드트럭을 운영할 예정이다.

뉴욕 프랜차이즈 박람회는 최신 트렌드의 외식, 식품, 헬스 등의 브랜드가 모이는 국제 행사다. 올해는 내달 1일부터 3일까지 진행되며, 세계 120개국에서 164개의 프랜차이즈 업체가 참여한다.

교촌은 이번 박람회를 통해 미국에 브랜드를 성공적으로 안착시켜 나가는 등 글로벌 가맹사업을 적극 전개해 나갈 방침이다.

교촌에프앤비 관계자는 “미국에 교촌이라는 브랜드를 성공적으로 안착시킴과 동시에 글로벌 경쟁력 강화에 더욱 박차를 가할 것”이라고 말했다.


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