Japan's 'Taking Free Ride Of Naver's Line Stake..."Digital Robbery of Dokdo"
Japan's 'Taking Free Ride Of Naver's Line Stake..."Digital Robbery of Dokdo"
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There are claims that the National Assembly should issue a resolution criticizing the Japanese government over the controversy over the Japanese government pressuring Naver to sell its stake in Line Yahoo.

The 'IT Citizens' Coalition for Fairness and Justice', united in their cause, issued a strong statement on the 16th, urging the government and the National Assembly to take specific measures. This group demanded that the government withdraw the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' administrative guidance on 'reexamining capital relations' and submitted a resolution condemning the Japanese government to the National Assembly.

The IT Citizens' Solidarity emphasized, "Regarding the sale of Naver's stake in Line Yahoo, our government must take a firm stance and not yield to Japanese pressure." They particularly stressed the need to reassess the meaning of capital sale, emphasizing that the Japanese government did not use the term "stake sale."

The National Assembly condemned the Japanese government's actions. It urged it to submit a resolution strongly protesting against 'illegal administrative guidance that ignores the Korea-Japan Investment Agreement and international law.'

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Naver did not sell its stake in Line Yahoo.

Accordingly, the President's Office stated, "Based on the additional position received from Naver, there will be no stake sale details in the report that Line Yahoo will submit to the Japanese government."

Reaffirming its support for Naver, a government official emphasized, 'The Japanese government should not take unfavorable measures against Naver,' and added, 'If Line Yahoo wishes to submit measures to strengthen information security, excluding changes in capital structure, our government will provide the necessary support to Naver.'

The link to the Korean version of this article is as below.

일본 '라인야후→지분관계 재검토' 압박..."디지털판 독도 강탈"

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