CERAGEM's Healthcare Solutions to Enhance Comfort at Korea-Africa Summit
CERAGEM's Healthcare Solutions to Enhance Comfort at Korea-Africa Summit
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CERAGEM announced on the 21st that it will provide healthcare devices, including the Master V9, to support the successful hosting of the 2024 Korea-Africa Summit. The summit will take place from June 4 at Ilsan KINTEX and Seoul.

CERAGEM has agreed to support the Korea-Africa Summit Preparation Planning Group. The 2024 Korea-Africa Summit is a significant event, marking the first summit to foster relations with Africa. 

Under the theme "Creating a Shared Future: Co-Growth, Sustainability, and Solidarity," the summit will discuss ways to enhance cooperation for mutual prosperity and relationship development between Korea and Africa.

Through this agreement, CERAGEM will play a crucial role in enhancing the summit's comfort. CERAGEM will provide 20 healthcare devices, including the Master V9 and Pauze M6, for relaxation areas, such as the VIP lounge and delegation experience zones. Dedicated staff will also be dispatched to assist with device usage, ensuring that the visiting dignitaries can alleviate fatigue from long flights and the busy summit schedule.

The Master V9 features advanced technologies such as a fifth-generation massage module and easy reclining, significantly enhancing massage effectiveness and user convenience. It aids in treating spinal disorders like degenerative stenosis, relieving muscle pain, and improving blood circulation.

The Pauze M6 massage chair has heating massage balls that reach up to 65 degrees Celsius and spinal line scanning capabilities. It also includes a dual reclining system with a 150-degree upper body and 80-degree lower body recline.

A CERAGEM official said, "We will do our utmost from product installation to dedicated personnel operations and promotions to ensure that the African leaders and delegations have a positive impression of Korea."

The link to the Korean version of this article is as below.

세라젬, 한-아프리카 정상회의에 헬스케어 가전 지원



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