JW Pharma·ONCOCROSS, "Entering into AI-driven New Drug Development"
JW Pharma·ONCOCROSS, "Entering into AI-driven New Drug Development"
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  • 승인 2024.05.22 18:04
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JW Pharmaceutical(JW) recently announced on the 22nd that it has signed a collaborative research agreement with the AI drug development venture ONCOCROSS to explore innovative drug development based on AI technology.

Under this agreement, JW and ONCOCROSS will utilize AI to explore and verify the potential of new target diseases (indications) for JW's first-in-class innovative drug pipeline in oncology and regenerative medicine.

For this purpose, ONCOCROSS's "RAPTOR AI" will be employed. RAPTOR AI is a new AI drug development platform that screens optimal indications for drug candidates and existing drugs. It supports pharmaceutical companies with the AI capabilities needed for drug development, thereby delivering results rapidly with higher accuracy and lower costs compared to traditional drug discovery methods.

Earlier, both companies signed a joint research agreement in 2022 to discover new indications using AI technology. Through this research with ONCOCROSS, JW aims to secure positive data for expanding the indications of its proprietary drug candidates in development and establish subsequent development plans.

JW expects to leverage the technical capabilities of RAPTOR AI, confirmed during the exploration of first-line indications in immune diseases, to shorten the exploration period for new indications in its oncology and regenerative medicine drug pipeline and increase the probability of clinical success.

Kim Irang, CEO of ONCOCROSS, stated, "This agreement acknowledges the effectiveness and commercial value of RAPTOR AI. We will strive to make this research a model collaboration case between large pharmaceutical and biotech firms in the domestic AI-driven innovative drug development field."

Park Chan-hee, JW CTO, commented, "Innovative drug development, which JW focuses on, requires high R&D capabilities and significant costs and time for drug candidate discovery and indication expansion research." He added, "We will continue to expand our innovative drug pipeline through diverse research collaborations with domestic and international biotech companies possessing advanced technologies."

The link to the Korean version of this article is as below.

JW중외제약 "AI 활용해 항암·재생의학 신약 연구"



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