Korea's Probe into Lexus RX Models Amid Toyota Quality Certification Scandal
Korea's Probe into Lexus RX Models Amid Toyota Quality Certification Scandal
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Amid the grave quality certification controversy enveloping Toyota, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT) has launched a rigorous investigation into Lexus RX models.

According to MOLIT and automotive industry sources, a comprehensive investigation into Lexus RX models imported into Korea began on the 7th. Japanese authorities are meticulously examining allegations of engine output manipulation in Lexus RX models from 2014 to 2022.

MOLIT stated, "Considering the difficulty in verifying manipulation on discontinued models, we plan to focus on the most recently released models."

Industry experts suggest that differences in certification methods between Korea and Japan make quality manipulation in domestically distributed Lexus RX models unlikely.

While Japan adopts a pre-approval system in which the government approves safety standards before car sales ('type approval system'), Korea follows a post-approval system in which manufacturers certify the vehicles themselves. The government verifies compliance after-sales ('manufacturer self-certification system').

Toyota Korea stated, "There are no affected RX models in Korea," adding that they explain the situation to customers and that no contract cancellations have occurred.

A MOLIT official explained, "We will take measures according to the investigation results for models from 2014 to 2022. Although it was not an issue in Japan, we plan to proactively verify the quality of currently selling models."

The link to the Korean version of this article is as follows.

국토부, 렉서스 RX 품질 조작 의혹 조사 착수...토요타 "인증 부정행위 대상 차 한국에 없다"



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