LG CNS draws a New Blueprint for 'Smart City', the new capital of Indonesia
LG CNS draws a New Blueprint for 'Smart City', the new capital of Indonesia
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On the 14th (local time), LG CNS announced on the 15th that it had signed a ‘General Agreement for Smart City Cooperation’ with the Indonesian New Capital Authority (NCA) in Bali, Indonesia.

The NCA is a government agency that oversees the Nusantara smart city project, the new administrative capital of Indonesia. Both sides formalized their cooperative relationship with an agreement ceremony during the B20 Summit, a global business consultative body held in Indonesia. The B20 Summit is a business meeting held before the G20 (20 major countries) summit.

Through this agreement, LG CNS plans to participate in Nusantara's 'smart service concept design' and draw a new blueprint for smart cities such as 'artificial intelligence-based city' and 'mobility specialized city'.

Participation at the level of LG group is also expected in the future. LG CNS announced plans to maximize business synergies by combining the capabilities of LG Group, including △LG Electronics in the home appliance and electric field △LG Energy Solutions, a global battery specialist △5G infrastructure LG U+.

Sejong Smart City is behind the selection of LG CNS as a partner for the New Metropolitan Government. Indonesia is benchmarking Sejong City for its new capital project. 

Indonesia is promoting a national project to relocate the administrative capital from Jakarta on Java Island to Nusantara on Borneo Island through the NCA. It is a large-scale project to build a smart city four times the size of Seoul (2560 km2) by investing about $35 billion (about 50 trillion won) in the middle of the jungle on Borneo Island by 2045.

LG CNS CEO Kim Young-seop emphasized, "Based on LG CNS' DX technology and smart city business capabilities, we will make a good case for overseas exports of super-large smart city business models and leap forward as a leading global smart city company"_by BK Min, KDFN

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