SK Chairman, Choi Tae-won 'Between Calm and Passion'
SK Chairman, Choi Tae-won 'Between Calm and Passion'
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▶Different values ​​for the group and family
▶최태원에게 '부부란 무엇인가'...법원 'SK그룹 지분→재산분할 대상 아니야'
▶Ended 34 years of marriage after a 5-year divorce lawsuit
Chairman of SK, Choi Tae-won, left (Yonhapnews images)

Choi Tae-won, Chairman of SK Group, ended 34 years of marriage after a 5-year divorce lawsuit in the first trial.

On the 6th, the court sentenced the first trial of the counterclaim regarding the divorce of Choi Tae-won and Roh So-young. The main point is to pay 66.5 billion won and 100 million won in alimony.

Chairman Choi emphasized the future of the group through the relationship between Korea and Japan, but he seemed to be ignoring the elephant in the room-between man and wife.

He discussed the corporate vision through the CHEY 'Trans-Pacific Dialogue' Forum at the Academy of Sciences, but what about the couple's vision through the 'Trans-Couple Dialogue' for him?

Even though history and married couples have many similarities, Chairman Choi read 'What is History' by historian E.H Carr, but could not find the author of 'What is a Married Couple'. 

The issue of alliances and realities is not limited to international relations.

Choi Tae-won, and Noh So-young, director of Art Center Nabi, received a divorce ruling after 34 years of marriage.

Chairman Choi and Director Noh held a wedding ceremony at the Blue House in September 1988, the first year of the late former President Noh Tae-woo's inauguration, and had three children, but they were broken.



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