Samsung 'Bespoke Life 2023'...Vision For a 'Sustainable, Connected and Stylish Life'
Samsung 'Bespoke Life 2023'...Vision For a 'Sustainable, Connected and Stylish Life'
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With a growing demand for smart homes and a sustainable future, consumers have shown that they no longer see functionality alone as the main priority when considering their appliance needs. How an appliance makes life more bearable, connected, and stylish is just as important.

Across the electronics industry, companies are exploring more fulfilling customer experiences on these terms. Among them, Samsung is uniquely positioned to provide it. Thanks to our wide array of products, from smartphones and TVs to household appliances brought together under our exclusive SmartThings connectivity platform, Samsung can offer an innovative and genuinely holistic home experience.

This year, through Sustainable, Connected, and Stylish Life, we are taking the foundation of Bespoke in the home and elevating it further, making eco-consciousness more intrinsic, harmonizing our various services, and offering greater freedom in visual expression than ever.

Living a Bespoke Life allows you to create a home that caters to your unique needs and values, empowering you to enjoy a more sustainable, connected, and stylish life. This is the vision of Bespoke that I am excited to share with you today.

■Sustainable Life 'Make Sustainable Life Easy'

How we live involves how we affect our environment. As more people pursue greener lifestyles and values and the importance of energy saving increases, there is a growing interest in realizing sustainability in our daily lives. To make this possible, sustainability is more central to Bespoke than ever in 2023, with the vision to provide the most energy-efficient products and solutions.

The technologies we showcase at Bespoke Life 2023 are built on the idea that the most straightforward but crucial step is changing how things work in everyday life. As well as reducing carbon emissions across the entire lifecycle of our products, SmartThings' AI Energy Mode can save energy up to 70% in various product categories, soon to be available in 65 countries this year. To help reduce microplastics — a significant contributor to marine pollution —we built upon our "Easy for Everyone" concept to develop the Less Microfiber Cycle and Less Microfiber Filter in collaboration with Patagonia.

■Connected Life 'Simplify Connected Life'

With social distancing ending, we are all getting back to everyday life. Three years of restrictions, however, have reminded us all of the value of connection. In our fast-changing world, the era of hyper-connectivity has truly arrived.

With nearly 270 million people worldwide using SmartThings to make household life more straightforward, hyper-connectivity is made possible by appliances that work together to provide a unified customer experience in the home. Last year, we launched SmartThings Home with six services, and this year we announced a whole new world of connectivity under the theme of "Bringing Calm to Our Connected World.

100% of our new Bespoke products support Wi-Fi connectivity. With these appliances that automatically adjust to more than twenty pre-set actions based on users' daily routines and enhanced security, we want to ensure that the Bespoke experience is seamless and adaptable to user life changes.

■Stylish Life 'Create Stylish Life'
A more expressive, customizable home and a focus on choice have always been core to Bespoke. It creates a contemporary life by allowing individuals to customize their surroundings and belongings to reflect their unique tastes and preferences. Since its launch, over 3 million Bespoke refrigerators have been sold worldwide, which shows how much people have been waiting for appliances to change.

To make our Bespoke products more personal, adaptable, and long-lasting, Bespoke Life features easily changeable panel colors and textures for appliances to keep pace with customers' changing lifestyles and tastes without needing a total replacement.

Also, we are constantly pursuing collaborations that show just how creative and stylish interior design can be. Our new, limited-edition Bespoke refrigerator panels, designed in partnership with Italian creative studio TOILETPAPER, are an excellent example of the breadth of Bespoke style, finding new, unexpected ways to make daily life vibrant and engaging.

With the demand for deeper personalization growing all the time, we want to empower individuals to personalize their homes through appliances that harmonize with everything else in the living space, and we will continue to launch collaborations with new artists.

On June 7 at Bespoke Life 2023, we'll announce more details about our expanding vision. Through Sustainable, Connected and Stylish Life, Bespoke Life adds convenience and value to every task and routine. We can't wait to show you how Bespoke weaves these values into your daily work.


The summary of this article in Korean is as follows.

■삼성전자, 초연결시대 '지속 가능한 미래 2023 비스포크 라이프' 비전 

삼성전자 한종희 부회장이 '2023 비스포크 라이프(Bespoke Life)' 비전을 6일 기고문을 통해 밝혔다. 

삼성전자 EX부문장, 한종희 부회장
삼성전자 EX부문장, 한종희 부회장

삼성전자 DX부문장을 맡고 있는 한 부회장은 "삼성가전이 지향하는 지속가능성, 연결성, 디자인을 통해 개개인이 추구하는 가치와 라이프스타일에 맞는 맞춤형 솔루션을 제시하고자 한다"며 "맞춤형 경험과 지속가능한 미래에 대한 시대적 요구는 확대되고 있으며, 소비자들은 더 이상 가전제품 구매 시 기본적인 성능만 고려하지 않는다"고 말했다. 

한 부회장은 소비자의 라이프스타일과 추구하는 가치가 기술발전만큼 빠르게 변화하고 있음을 강조했다. 

기고문에서 한 부회장은 지속 가능한 삶과 AI를 통한 초연결성을 언급하며 "스타일리쉬한 나만의 삶이 비스포크를 통해 일상의 편리와 가치를 이룰 수 있길 바란다"고 덧붙였다. 


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