KT-Jasmine Group, Strategic Partnership For Generative AI Business
KT-Jasmine Group, Strategic Partnership For Generative AI Business
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On the 19th, KT worked with Jasmine Group, Thailand's leading information and communication company, to build Thai-LLM (Thai Large Language Model) using KT's mega AI 'Mi:dm' (Mindful intelligence that dialogues, empathizes, understands, and moves)' and announced on the 22nd that they have decided to pursue joint commercialization cooperation in Southeast Asia.

The conclusion of the AI business agreement is in line with last September after KT and JTS, an affiliate of Jasmine Group, signed an 'MOU for joint construction and business cooperation of an LLM (Large Language Model) for Thailand and Southeast Asia' and went through detailed business discussions.

KT-Jasmine Group, Strategic Partnership For Generative AI Business

KT will transfer the technology and know-how needed to build LLM through this collaboration between the two companies. Jasmine Group will make GPU Farm, which will serve as the basis for Southeast Asian market analysis and model development.

As a result of this agreement, KT and Jasmine Group plan to jointly discover a global LLM business model based on Thailand's success story and cooperate in joint commercialization in Southeast Asian markets such as Laos and Cambodia.

According to global research agency Statista, Southeast Asia's generative AI market is expected to reach $7.6 billion by 2030.

Previously, another analyst firm predicted that Southeast Asia's AI solution spending would increase from $174 million in 2022 to $646 million in 2026.

Regarding this partnership, KT believes that countries and companies will be able to secure AI sovereignty for each country through language model data for each country without being dependent on big tech companies.

In fact, in the case of GPT-3, the most prominent AI in the United States, the proportion of learning data in English is 92.6%, Korean is 0.016%, and Thai is 0.013%, which means there is significantly less learning data in languages ​​other than English. Because of this, there is a limitation in the case of large English-speaking AIs that do not reflect non-English-speaking countries' political and cultural context.

In the future, KT plans to support Jasmine Group in securing AI sovereignty by building a Thai-only LLM and spreading 'Mi:dm' (meaning 'faith' in Korean) to most global countries with huge AI demand.

Pete Bodharamik, CEO of Jasmine Group, said, "This cooperation will be an important milestone for Jasmine Group, which seeks to lead Thailand's AI industry." He added, "Jasmine Group will expand its AI business in the Southeast Asian market through KT's technology and know-how, and we will pursue joint pioneering," 

KT CEO Kim Young-Seop said, "KT, which has experience building a GPU farm to secure large-scale infrastructure and developing and commercializing LLM, is pleased to cooperate with Jasmine Group in the AI ​​business." "We expect this will strengthen competitiveness and lead to successful joint entry into the Southeast Asian AI market."

By_BK Min, KDFN kdf@kdfnews.com

The Korean version of this article link is down below.▷KT, 글로벌 AI 사업 협력 태국 자스민 그룹과 맞손


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