Samsung Electronics, Energy Saving Smart City With SmartThings...Pursue Net Zero Homes
Samsung Electronics, Energy Saving Smart City With SmartThings...Pursue Net Zero Homes
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Samsung Electronics announced its showcase of a model home with a Smart Home Energy Management System (SHEMS), supported by SmartThings Energy, in Brobyholm, an innovative and energy-efficient residential community development near Stockholm, Sweden, on the 9th.

Samsung, home automation manufacturer ABB, and solar technology company SMA apply SmartThings Energy and connected home appliances to Brobyholm in Sweden, a residential community for up to 2,000 households.

“We are excited to present this smart community to the public,” said Chan Woo Park, Executive Vice President and Head of the Service Biz Group of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our goal is to create seamless connectivity that helps consumers easily manage their homes and save energy simultaneously.”

Samsung will supply appliances (including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers) that sync to SmartThings Energy to control, monitor, and save energy. Together with the photovoltaics (PV) energy production & energy storage system (ESS), which is currently under development by real estate company S. Property Group, each home will aim to maximize energy efficiency.

Furthermore, building on its partnership with ABB in 2022, Samsung will integrate SmartThings Energy with ABB’s automation solution. As a result, homes in Brobyholm will be capable of connecting appliances and devices to a centralized system that automatically saves energy, time, and cost. With just a few simple clicks on the SmartThings mobile application, homeowners will have access and control over the energy consumption within their homes.

The smart home opened as a model home for visitors and future residents of Brobyholm starting on November 9. After the first 500 homes are completed in 2025, more ingenious and energy-efficient homes are expected to fill up the development. S. Property Group plans to expand them at Brobyholm by up to 2000 homes by 2028.

Samsung has worked to develop Net Zero environments, and the effort was recently showcased as an interactive experience at IFA 2023. Moving forward, Samsung plans to create additional turnkey smart home solutions to apply and expand in countries worldwide.



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