Homeplus 'Controversy over successive sales of Moldy Cheese'
Homeplus 'Controversy over successive sales of Moldy Cheese'
  • BK Min
  • 승인 2022.12.07 16:00
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문제가 된 곰팡이 치즈 모습
문제가 된 곰팡이 치즈 모습

Homeplus is causing controversy with sales of moldy cheese.

Mold was found again in cheese sold by Homeplus, and the reality of Homeplus food and processed product management was on the chopping block again.

According to 'The Newsis' on the 5th, a consumer purchased one imported cheese through an online order from Homeplus on the 28th of last month. The product was delivered the next day. As soon as he received the cheese, he kept it in the fridge.

Three days later, When he opened the cheese wrapper, he was surprised to see that the cheese was covered with green mold. The yellow color of the cheese was only partially visible.

The expiration date is also marked as 2023, but when it was opened, it was all green."

Early last month, Homeplus also received customer complaints for selling moldy cheese. At that time, it was reported that the customer and his family were treated for enteritis and various symptoms after consuming the purchased product containing mold.

홈플러스 치즈 곰팡이 문제는 이번이 처음은 아니었다
홈플러스 치즈 곰팡이 문제는 이번이 처음은 아니었다

The fact that the same problem occurred with other imported cheese less than a month after causing controversy with the sale of moldy cheese seems to indicate that Homeplus takes the mold problem in its stride.

According to an experiment by the Korea Consumer Agency, in the case of cheese, when the refrigeration temperature is maintained at 0 to 5℃, general bacteria and coliforms were not detected until 70 days after the expiration date.

In the case of the cheese imported from Homeplus, where the problem occurred this time, the expiration date was over 100 days. Homeplus, the final seller, is solely responsible for the consumer's purchase of mold cheese, whether it is local distribution or importation or domestic distribution or storage.

A Homeplus official told Korea Duty-Free News, "We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers. We are collecting all the products that have been in stock and are trying to figure out the cause" Of course, we will do our best to manage product quality" he told Korea Duty-Free News.

Homeplus' admission is similar to that of the moldy cheese outbreak that occurred earlier. I said I would try to prevent a recurrence, but the same problem recurred.

"We will provide reasonable compensation and refunds. We will make efforts to prevent recurrence in the future" is not immunity. it because human safety and life are at stake.

By BK Min, KDFN kdf@kdfnews.com


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